Before you read the below – For evening work I have waits in excess of 9 months at the moment (as of June 2022) and am unable to predict how long the wait will be.  Please click here for a list of other therapists I would recommend.

I work in two different parts of South Wales – Cardiff and Pontypridd. I also work online and over the phone (with Tran and Non-Binary people only).

A therapy session is 50 minutes long.


The location for my Pontypridd Practice (on a Tuesday 9am-8pm) is: Pontypridd Osteopath, 6 Gelliwastad Rd, Pontypridd, CF37 2BP

Individuals: £50

Couples: £55

Wait times as of June 2022 –  2-3 months for daytime slots, 9+ months for evening slots


The location for my Cardiff practice (on a Monday 5-9pm) is: Y Cwmni Siarad, 31 The Parade, Cardiff, CF24 3AD.

Individuals: £53

Couples: £58

Wait times as of June 2022 – 9+ months (maybe up to a year)

Online and Telephone:

I work online and over the phone on a Monday & Tuesday 9am-3pm.

Due to the amount of online therapists available nationwide, I have decided to only see Trans and Non-Binary clients online and on the phone. It is harder for Trans and Non-Binary clients to find the right therapist, compared to cisgender people and as there are plenty of therapists out there for cisgender clients. I hope those who don’t identify as Trans and Non-Binary understand.

Individuals: £50

Couples: £55

Wait times as of June 2022 – 4-5 months

20 minute consultations:

If you aren’t sure if you want to work with me, I can offer a 20 minute initial phone/video call for us to get to know each other for the cost of £10. These can usually be arranged within 2-3 weeks of getting in touch.