Hello and thank you for choosing to find out more about me.

Before training to become a sex therapist I owned a small online sex toy company and organised sex toy parties mostly for women to encourage sexual liberation and sexual autonomy. Everyone who went to one of my sex toy parties enjoyed the events. Providing a space for people to be vulnerable and learn about their capacity to experience pleasure was my favourite part of the job. I didn’t enjoy the retail part of it though! It felt like the opposite thing of what I wanted to do. That is when I started training to become a sex and relationship therapist in 2016.

The reason I chose this career is because I didn’t realise how fortunate I had been in my childhood and teens (thanks to my parents and first couple of partners) to understand my body’s relationship to pleasure – that it was a positive thing and that there was no shame around the subject. I didn’t realise what a privilege this was until I worked in a sex toy shop in London in 2008 and saw with my own eyes the amount of hangups and shame people had. I saw that I had a natural talent of making people feel comfortable talking about sex and pleasure. This is what spurred me to open up my first business venture – the aforementioned sex toy shop in 2014. During this time I became a public speaker, article writer, sex life editor for Diva magazine, Ignite speaker, podcast guest and ‘one to be watched’ in the industry.

Through being quite the ‘geek’ when it comes to this subject and having the experience of encouraging difficult conversations around sexuality, as well as being a good listener, this is what led me to this career. I am living my dream so if you choose to work with me, you will know that I am incredibly happy in my job and motivated to support you!

My practice

I am a pluralistic therapist. Pluralism is based on the view that no one therapeutic approach can resolve all client presentations and that different clients are likely to want, and benefit from, different interventions in therapy. Working pluralistically involves working with the client and making you an active part of therapy. We won’t be stuck within any particular model of therapy and can, together, find out what works specifically for you.

Being a contemporary therapist, it is my job to continually learn and keep up to date with ways in which sex and relationship therapists practice, guaranteeing a good quality of support to you.

In my therapy space, you will expect to feel affirmed, understood and heard with no judgement. It can feel difficult to have discussions about your sexual identity but all of my previous clients will tell you that you have nothing to be worried about with me.

Qualifications and Memberships

Level 7 Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Sexology with the Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology

Level 4 Certificate in Relationship Counselling with Relate

Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills (CPCAB)

BA (Hons) in the Performing Arts – 2:1

I am a registered member of COSRT (Membership Number – 3022)

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